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Link Building Is Not Something You Do Anymore

By Valerie DiCarlo

With each Google update over the last year or so, we knew it was going to happen…

It should not be a huge surprise. Google has been setting the stage for quality control. They’ve been making their position known on paid links, over optimization, blog networks and poor/unnatural link practices.

Link building is not something you ‘do’, it's more about being part of an online marketing strategy that encompasses developing relationships and superior content.

The days are LONG gone with the quantity of links and/or PageRank. It’s about content, quality, relevance and authority.

And along with this online content marketing strategy needs to invoke and encourage sharing. Simply put: Online word of mouth.

So what are some things to keep in mind when adding links to content?

  • Use a natural variety of anchor text. Stop keyword stuffing and over using the same keywords in your anchor text… this is nothing new, BTW.
  • Strategically (and correctly) link out to other relevant sources. If you know what you’re doing, this can be powerful.
  • Creatively (and strategically) positioning targeted in-content anchor text links can be significant. There is evidence that links higher on the page can have more weight than those towards the bottom of a page.
  • Internal linking matters. Especially when done right. Again, using a correct internal linking strategy can be powerfully constructive.

Developing Relationships & Quality Content for Linking Opportunities

  • Don’t link solely for search engine authority. Link for relevant, targeted and converting TRAFFIC. Again, nothing new here.
  • Try creating infographics for not only content marketing, but for viral sharing opportunities and online word of mouth.
  • Build relationships for guest blogging opportunities within your niche / online community. It’s a great way to market your content, obtain relevant inbound links and increase your own blog’s readership.
  • Create valuable, helpful, useful content for your readers / visitors. They will want to share it with their readers / followers. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout is very good at this.
  • Use email for sharing your content. This can lead to other writing opportunities, content sharing, relationship development and ultimately additional linking opportunities.

Link building is simply not something you ‘do’ anymore. It’s a marketing ‘mind-set’. If you think outside the traditional marketing box, you’ll realize that with most online or content marketing, there are usually going to be multiple NATURAL opportunities to obtain a quality, relevant link in the process.

Make your online marketing mind-set be about providing value, building superior content, building relationships and sharing. Believe it or not, if done strategically, the quality links will abound in the process.

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