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The common misconception is that best practice SEO is implemented AFTER a website is built. Truth is, businesses should implement SEO strategies DURING the web development process. The goal of web development, with SEO as a focus, is to make sure that your website and online properties PERFORM as well as they look! The development process provides the perfect opportunity to integrate current SEO best practices from the site’s foundation - while also creating the best positive user experience for conversion optimization.

  • SEO-Friendly Platform – While content is a key driver for search engine optimization, good content is NOT the only successful SEO strategy. Developing your web site on an SEO-friendly platform that is flexible, customizable, secure, and stable is absolutely essential. Whether a CMS or ecommerce website, the platform should work FOR your SEO success, not against it.
  • Foundational SEO Components – At the development stage, it’s so important to address all the elements for building your site for SEO success with optimized URL and linking structure, content optimization, on-page optimization, etc. While it’s still about foundationally knowing your keyword targets, you also need to build in mobile optimization, social optimization, schema, structured data, local search, and more.
  • To Index or Not to Index? – That should be the question. Not all site pages should be indexed. Whether a CMS or ecommerce site, it’s essential to control what parts of the website should be indexed in the search engines and what should NOT be indexed. Don’t compromise the health of your website by not taking care of this essential SEO component DURING development.
  • Maintaining Site Authority – Ok, we’re all sick to death of hearing about ‘site authority’… and that phrase may not even be relevant or true, but if your website disappears from search after a redesign, your CEO won’t be happy. That’s why using an SEO consultant DURING the web development stage is essential to a seamless site launch (and not having your web site disappear)!
  • Content Optimization – Keyword targeting continues to be foundational to an SEO strategy, so your website content needs to be found in search, get people talking and sharing. But structuring your content optimization correctly has SEO benefits that can increase your positioning in search – such as ‘People also ask’. Your content can amplify brand reach, thanks to the potential for social media sharing. So implementing current best practice content optimization DURING web development is forward thinking to staying ‘in the game’ with future content development.