Local SEO

Every day, local customers search for businesses like yours online - using whatever device that is conveniently at their fingertips. Local SEO is all about making sure that your business shows up when nearby customers are searching what you have to offer. Local SEO can be implemented on many different levels as a great way to gain an edge, and local search optimization also helps ensure that you're not competing for those high volume global search terms.

  • Google Local 3-Pack – Not showing up in the top-3 local pack? It's important to know the crucial elements of Local SEO to help you win searchers' attention and steal potential customers from your competition by consistently optimizing items such as Google My Business, earning positive reviews, making sure your Local SEO listings consistently display the same NAP (name, address, phone), build local backlinks - to name just a few. A complete, accurate listing is critical to taking advantage of the big benefits of the Local 3-Pack.
  • Local Directory Listings – Search engines are the big-ticket item with local SEO, but directories play an important role, as well. People use popular directories like Yelp to search for local businesses, read reviews, and decide which option is right for them. Showing up where people are most likely to be looking for your business is one of the most basic – and important – principles of local search optimization.
  • Mobile Appeal – What do you do when you're on the go, searching for a meal or a place to buy a specific product? If you're like most people, you pull out your phone, fire up your favorite browser, and search for nearby businesses. These are the moments when local SEO really shines, because most people will choose to buy from one of the first handful of search results on the page. So your local search position plays a big role in winning over undecided customers.
  • Website Optimization – Since local SEO puts your business in the spotlight at the exact moment when potential customers are choosing where to shop, it's also an exceptionally effective form of local advertising. This is another area where the total SEO package gets the spotlight, because you need to optimize your ‘online home real estate’ for Local SEO using not only quality content, but reviews, schema, and an attractive website to convert those customers once they find your business through local search.
  • Finding Your Niche – Local SEO allows you to establish a digital footprint in the communities that matter most to your business. By making it easy for local customers to find your business through search, you also drive traffic to your website, social media channels, blog, and all of your online content. It's about finding your niche, both online and in the community.