Web Usability

Online marketing brings customers to your website, but that's only the first step. It's critical that once customers land on your website, they can complete the task that brought them there as simply as possible. Website usability is a broad discipline that encompasses data science, web design, usability testing, content creation, and so much more. The ultimate goal is to deliver a seamless, positive user experience that makes visitors more likely to explore your website, learn about your business, and ultimately become customers. Web usability consulting touches on nearly every aspect of your online presence, and strategic web usability is one of the necessities to finding success online.

  • Usability in Web Design – Planning to launch a new website, or redesign your old one? Web usability should be a top priority, and the design stage is the ideal time to focus on optimizing the user experience of your site. A positive user experience leads to more satisfied customers, and a usability consultant provides a fresh, unbiased look at how to improve the key aspects of aligning your business objectives with your site's user experience.
  • Usability Testing – There's no need to guess about what will work best for your website, or how to offer a user experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Whether qualitative or quantitative, usability testing allows you to test the user experience of your website, with an audience that fits your demographic profile. Combined with website analytics, usability testing provides the feedback you need to thrive online.
  • Information Architecture – Have you ever noticed how some websites seem to anticipate your needs as you explore, and guide you to relevant content? That's no accident. Information architecture is a huge part of strategic web usability, and well-organized content ensures that site visitors can always find what they need – as quickly and easily as possible. Just as importantly, it makes them more likely to become a return visitor and/or customer.
  • Usability Review – The user experience is always evolving, so older websites will often need some updates to meet today's high standards. A usability review or website audit is the perfect place to start, and provides the foundation to redesign your website with the user experience in mind. In addition to your desktop site, it's important that you include mobile optimization for a diverse array of mobile devices.
  • eCommerce – Usability is always important, but it should be an even bigger priority if you sell products or services through your website. We've all been on the doorstep of a purchase online, only to be discouraged by clunky sign-up forms, poorly designed checkout pages, or questionable website security practices. When you put the focus on the user experience, you break down those unnecessary barriers to conversion.
  • Mobile Usability – Studies show that mobile visitors are more likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites. With global web traffic from mobile devices increasing each day, mobile usability needs to be a crucial part of your overall web usability strategy. For many sites, it is also important to implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to create mobile optimized content for instant loading.