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Organic SEO is highly effective, but it also takes time to build your website's authority and earn a consistently high search ranking. The ‘instant gratification’ of search marketing (often defined as CPC or PPC), allows you to move your business to the front of the search engine line, without the wait. Strategically implemented, search marketing can be a powerful compliment to your organic SEO strategy to help expand your reach while you build organic SEO authority, and an effective way to supplement your organic SEO even after your website is well-established.

  • Prime Search Position – The goal of organic SEO is to land your business as high as possible on the first page of Google search results. But if certain competitive search phrases have not yet achieved page one ranking, paid advertising allows you to purchase the prime positions on the page. Those prime positions provided by paid search marketing can make a huge difference in your visibility.
  • Facebook Targeted Ads – Using social channels’ search marketing, such as Facebook ads, allows you to target your advertising toward exactly the demographics you wish to reach, and you can even create multiple campaigns which appeal to varying segments of your audience. This is one of the big differences between paid search marketing and traditional advertising. When you purchase a print ad or billboard, you have to hope the right people see it. With strategic search marketing - such as targeted Facebook ads - you are not only targeting the exact audience, but you are able to measure and track every move along the conversion funnel.
  • Driving Traffic For Conversion – Well planned, strategic ad campaigns without goal-targeted optimized landing pages is not only going to drive the wrong kind of traffic, but drive up your CPC and ad spend. Combine the ability to drive traffic with the targeted nature of search marketing, and you can see why it's such an important part of strategic online marketing.
  • Measuring Success in Analytics – One of the great things about search marketing is the ability to measure and track all kinds of data. You can test, discover what's working, what could use improvement, and how you can make the most of your online marketing budget. Analytics are critical to measuring online marketing success and providing meaningful, wide-ranging data down to the smallest details of your search marketing campaigns.
  • Organic Search Marketing - Wait… WHAT? Yes, there are advanced techniques using organic search marketing strategies to not only increase traffic to your website, but increase the right kind of quality inbound links for improved site performance in the search engine results pages.