Customized SEO

Customized SEO Services

No two businesses are alike – so not every SEO project will be alike. Successful SEO starts with understanding your business, your audience, and your goals. To make the most of your marketing budget, your SEO strategy needs to be customized to fit your unique business. 

No matter how broad or narrow your niche, there's a customized SEO strategy that will bring more visibility to your business online. My goal is to work with you to understand your business objectives and develop a sustainable customized SEO strategy that best accomplishes our goals.

What is customized SEO?

Essentially it refers to an SEO plan that is unique to your business and website objectives. It evaluates what goals your business needs to achieve with your website and strategically maps out the best plan to reach those goals. 

Hence, customized. 

No business is a cookie cutter copy of another; consequently, each one needs a unique approach to SEO that is designed to produce an effective result. When businesses apply the right combination of strategic, customized SEO tactics toward their overall online marketing strategy, it sets them up for success. 

What can be “customized” when making a customized SEO plan?

Some of the key elements that can be customized to produce an SEO plan that’s right for your business are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, content development and marketing, conversion optimization, social media, and mobile optimization. Now, let’s break all those areas down:

  • On-page SEO: Essentially, on-page SEO is everything that you can control on a webpage to signal its value to search engines. This includes elements obviously visible to the user, but also ‘under the hood’ elements that the search engines pull from to determine page relevance, reputation, and authority. 
  • Off-page SEO: This includes organic search marketing efforts such as getting external links back from authoritative sources and marshalling social media to amplify your content and brand. 
  • Local SEO: Local SEO is a very effective, high-level pool of strategies that includes anything from using geographic targeting to cater to your user to including specific schema that capture Local 3-Pack visibility and/or star ratings in the organic search results. Keep in mind, ‘local’ SEO has become part of the ‘on-page’ SEO landscape, so do not discount it as a critical part of your overall customized SEO strategy.
  • Content development: One of the most solid, customized SEO strategies is creating ongoing relevant, authoritative content – with purpose! Whether it’s in the form of a blog, a video series of tips, or helpful reviews on every product, your content must have a specific objective for your business’ overall online marketing strategy. In addition, the provision of high-quality, relevant, authoritative information is the best thing a search engine could provide their “customer,” the searcher. If you help the search engine with their job, they will reward you. 
  • Search marketing: I’d be remiss if I didn’t include search marketing in the mix of a customized SEO strategy. Keep in mind there is organic search marketing and paid search marketing. Both are effective in increasing your online visibility, clickthru, and conversion. And they can work hand-in-hand to increase user clickthru. 
  • Conversion Optimization: While many aspects of your customized SEO plan will focus on amplifying your site’s search presence, it’s also essential to optimize your website for conversion. Your website is your home base for SEO. It's the destination you drive traffic to and the location where you convert that traffic into leads or sales. Conversion optimization will focus on refining the user experience—including a user’s social and content interaction—to achieve the ultimate goal: converting your audience to achieve business goals. 
  • Social Media: Social media is one of the most important tools you can use to optimize the results of your SEO plan. In conjunction with content, it can expand your brand’s reach across multiple channels. Incorporating social media strategy into your customized SEO plan can make your other SEO efforts yield stronger results. Remember, the most-shared content on social rarely reaches that lofty position by accident!
  • Mobile Optimization: These days, if your website does not take mobile compatibility and experience into account, you will not be able to gain SEO traction. Whether your business-specific SEO strategy includes native apps, using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), or simply having a mobile friendly website property, it’s essential that your customized SEO plan incorporate mobile optimization on all levels. 

Customized SEO FAQs:

Now that you have a definition of customized SEO and run down of customizable elements, let’s dig into a few frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should you use customized SEO? 

A: By customizing your approach to SEO, you’re making sure that the focus is on your business outcomes. Anything (including any SEO tactic) that doesn’t advance that end is a waste of effort. 

Q: What does it take to get a solid customized SEO plan together? 

A: The path to a customized SEO plan starts with a website audit and an SEO analysis of your site. You may choose to partner with an SEO consultant to help you with that work. Here’s a little more about what an audit, analysis, and consultant partnership might look like.

A website audit:  This process takes a hard look at the landscape of your website and how it aligns with your business goals. Elements that get the “hard look” include overall site health, website performance (including conversion analysis), site structure, user experience, a deep dive SEO analysis, a competitor analysis, local SEO, mobile usability and more. 

Working with an SEO consultant: You may decide that the time and expertise it takes to evaluate your website and then come up with a plan to make strategic improvements to your SEO is just outside of your employees’ skillsets. Even if your employees could pull it off, it may take them too much time. In those cases, it may be worth the investment to partner with an SEO consultant who can integrate with your in-house team and help guide you through the process of figuring out how to customize your approach to SEO so that you achieve significant results.

Q: Once the customized SEO plan is in place, is the SEO project completed?

A: SEO is an always-changing medium that requires ongoing, constant monitoring, care, and upkeep. Partnering with an SEO consultant is a solution for staying in front of algorithm changes, updates, industry advancements, and maintaining your online visibility.