Who is SEO Web Consulting?

... not your typical SEO consulting firm

Hi my name is Valerie DiCarlo. I am principal and owner of SEO Web Consulting - since 2005. So, yeah, I’ve been doing this for quite a while. While the industry has changed (and continues to change), my primary mission has not. I continue to provide my clients a high standard of expertise, offering a holistic, ethical approach that demystifies SEO -and all its accompanying online marketing strategies- and turn them into a manageable process that consistently drives results.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, my SEO consulting firm is a locally and internationally respected boutique online marketing agency that has been successfully serving clients with the primary objective of not only optimizing their website’s online performance, but maximize brand and business exposure across targeted online marketing channels.

The end result creates meaningful, engaging, and compelling strategies that drive client’s businesses towards achieving maximum results that can be measured through long term improvement in web site visibility, increased brand awareness, and a continuous flow of new sales, leads, and increased revenues.

Another important part of my mission is a unique personalized approach - while establishing long-term relationships with my clients - focusing on their individual customized needs and providing a variety of alternative SEO and online marketing solutions.

In an effort to provide my clients needing web project assistance, I partner with a veteran, experienced team of expert talent who understand what it takes to help clients be more successful. I draw on my hand-picked team of experts to provide services that include web design, web development, copywriters, public relations, and offline marketing strategies.

You may have questioned why I do not have a portfolio page? Currently, most all my clients are under an NDA, which prevents me from displaying a portfolio page, so to give you the basics, my client base is a large array of business genres including e-commerce, non-profit, large corporate, publicly traded companies – nationally. I’m happy to provide references if necessary.

Lastly, as a strong proponent for ethical and honest methods and practices of all forms of SEO and online marketing, I am in demand as an industry speaker, educator, writer, and provide ongoing training for companies worldwide.