Web Analytics

Don't Guess. Understand Web Analytics

Need web analytics help?

Your online properties are among your most valuable marketing assets, but unlocking their full potential requires more than a keen eye for trends. Web analytics reveal the data that drives your website, and holds the key to constant improvement and customization of your SEO and online marketing strategies.

But signing into your analytics dashboard for the first time can be a humbling experience, with more than enough data, graphs, and jargon to make your head spin. Understanding website analytics is making sense of the data around your online marketing efforts and maximizing the ROI on your online marketing investment.

  • Understanding Web Analytics – Whether you're skimming the surface or digging deep, a first step is simply understanding what you're measuring, and why it's important. The beautiful thing about online marketing is the ability to track, monitor, measure, and tweak any/all online marketing campaigns to not only achieve your goals, but improve upon them.
  • What to Measure – One of the biggest benefits of web analytics also presents one of the biggest challenges. You can rely on analytics to learn more about nearly every aspect of your website's performance, but the most important metrics to track really depend on your goals. What do you hope to achieve, and which data-points hold the key to reaching your goals? Answering those questions is a big part of successfully executing any online marketing strategy.
  • A Sustainable Strategy – Be accountable for the success of your online marketing strategies by using web analytics to not only sustain your results, but to improve performance. Sustainability is for the immediate, but more so, for the long haul. The online world of search, desktop, mobile, and online marketing trends are constantly evolving. Using web analytics allows you to measure and track, no matter what the future brings.
  • Turning Data into Action – Understanding what and why are huge first steps, but in the big picture it's all about how you apply those lessons to your online properties, customized SEO, and online marketing campaigns. The first step is identifying challenges, but the end result is finding solutions.