Comprehensive SEO Website Audits

High level SEO website audits can reveal issues that may be preventing your site from enjoying a favorable position in the search engines’ results pages.

It can be anything from basic on-page SEO negligence to uncovering the cause of unhealthy indexing issues.

There are definitely differing levels of depth in conducting a website analysis. You need to know not only what you want to accomplish in having an SEO site analysis done, but what resources you have in place to remedy the issues that are revealed.

Most clients come to me because there is a problem that is not obvious and requires a deeper level of expertise to uncover the problem, but often haven’t thought through the ‘next steps’ on how they will implement the suggested remedies.

That said, it’s important for companies to have the IT, design, and/or web development in place to implement the necessary website changes needed to remedy some issues.

Some Issues That an SEO Website Analysis Can Uncover:

  • Unhealthy indexing
  • Unstable website platform
  • Poorly executed SEO strategies
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Poor or unhealthy backlink profile
  • Poor User Experience & Web Usability
  • Poor Conversion Optimization
  • Poor site structure / architecture
  • Mobile Usability issues

While it’s crucial to reveal the issues that are exposed in an SEO Website Analysis, it’s equally important to put the elements (and specialists) in place to fix the issues.

If your business site is not performing and needs a 'set of expert eyes', feel free to reach out to schedule a free 30 minute conversation.

Valerie DiCarlo

Valerie DiCarlo

Valerie is principal and owner of SEO Web Consulting successfully serving clients since 2005 with ethical, holistic, most up-to-date, best practice SEO and online marketing solutions. As a respected boutique SEO consulting firm, our mission is to demystify SEO and provide measured results. All services are customized to meet your specific business need.