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Why Google Hummingbird is GOOD for SEO

By Valerie DiCarlo

I love, love, LOVE hummingbirds! I video record my hummingbird guests during the summer months so I can watch them and feel uplifted during the dark winter months. They bring me so much joy!

Oh right, you’re not here to read about my love of hummingbirds, but to learn more about the Google Hummingbird algorithm change (which rolled-out recently) and why I think it’s GOOD for SEO and the SEO industry.

Google Hummingbird: What Is It?

Unlike Panda or Penguin algorithm updates, Hummingbird is a rewritten replacement algorithm. It’s the first complete algorithm change since 2001 that has been branded “Hummingbird” because the search query results are to be more focused, exact and fast.

Google will be a more robust semantic search engine with an expansion of long tail and more complex phraseology. It will have the capability to deal with much more variegated search queries to provide better results for the user. This, IMHO, is a GOOD thing for both the user experience and SEO.

Users are entering longer search phrases (or questions… remember Ask Jeeves?!?) and Google is now better equipped to respond with accurate and quick search results.

What Does It Mean For SEO?

It not only provides more opportunity for best practice SEO, it continues to keep SEO moving forward in the right direction – providing the user with rich, engaging, beneficial content which generate signals of quality that matter to Google. Is that really anything NEW? Google has been moving in this direction for a couple years now – clearly stated in its original Panda update back in 2011.

So, is this something to be alarmed about or a cause for concern? Is this algorithm change the “end of SEO”? Well, if you buy into the industry “hype”, you might think so!

It is my opinion that Hummingbird only makes SEO better! While Hummingbird is part of Google becoming less dependent on individual keywords, it puts more value on conversational search phraseology. So content is king – more than ever – and authoritative content will always continue to win.

Answering the questions that your core audience is asking – thru original content creation – makes for a good user experience as well as giving Google what it needs for possibly ranking your site higher.

Investing in communication and messaging can only be GOOD for business and your customized SEO efforts. Providing optimized, fresh, relevant, beneficially rich user content will always reign through any algorithm change or update.

Google Hummingbird is – now more now than ever – not only allowing the SEO industry an opportunity to keep pushing value out into the internet marketplace, but especially keeps SEO on the path of improving the value of what we offer our clients.

And all business website owners should use this Google change to ask themselves: What can I do today to add more value and/or improve the value that I offer? Online AND Offline…and communicate this effectively on their site with rich messaging content.