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Utilizing Google Ads for Short Term

By Valerie DiCarlo

Why Use Google Adwords for Short Term Benefits?

Google Adwords in the short term is not only relevant and useful for the small business owner, but there are many advantages and benefits for the big guys doing the long-term, large scale Adwords campaigns as well.

For the small business owner, Google Adwords can provide positive results - when done intelligently - and a powerful solution for establishing a quick online presence.

Some short term benefits:

Adwords are a great way to get a new business website off the ground with instant traffic. However, do it smart so you don’t burn through your marketing budget too quickly!

  • Do the necessary keyword research to capture the lower cost long-tail keyword phrases
  • Set up multiple Ad Groups
  • Create optimized landing pages (ideally) for each Ad Group set
  • Create optimized ads for each Ad Group set

Adwords are a great way to TEST keyword phrases - to not only identify target keyword phrases for your SEO efforts, but to identify a target audience.

  • Avoid the most popular, more competitive keyword phrases. The more targeted your keyword set is, the more promise for converting the visitor

For branding – whether a new company, new service or product launch – or simply branding an online business presence. Adwords allows the opportunity to target your product, service or company to user searches.

Most companies automatically budget for marketing, but most go the traditional off-line marketing route. Travel outside-the-box! Adwords is a powerful short-term TOOL for online marketing spend that can provide instant gratification.