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Search Plus and Google Domination

By Valerie DiCarlo on Jan 25, 2012

Google’s “Search Plus Your World.”

Ok, seriously, Search Plus can be seen as a window of opportunity for business to temporarily “bomb Google SERPs”, but for some, including me, it can be seen as another attempt to feign user benefit and see it for what it is: GREED and DOMINATION.

You have the search powerhouse, Google, trying to compete in the social space with Facebook and Twitter. So, ok, that’s cool. They’ve tried in the past with Buzz and Wave #fail. And honestly, that might have been a good signal to Google that users do NOT use their search engine to be social. So now why are they so hell-bent on dominating the social space by practically bullying users into the Google + submission?

I couldn’t agree more with Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone’s recent post: When Search & Social Act Like Children, Users Lose. And users ARE losing:

Users are losing their right to see the “search” results that they want to see and are forced to see only what the BULLY wants to show them.

Users are being rail-roaded into the Google monopoly without even realizing how their information is being used. Information and data are being collected folks to give you those personalized search results. It’s getting increasingly more difficult to NOT have a Google account for something. Soon they will be forcing folks to be logged in to their Google account to take a crap! Don’t laugh, it’s only a matter of time.

And speaking of monopolies, users are losing (or have already lost) their right to choose the medium in which to do their searches. The Google domination pushes other search engines out of the mix.

Users are losing their right to privacy. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that requested regulators investigate Google’s “Search plus Your World” because it shows favoritism towards Google’s own social network and violates Google+ users’ privacy.

Some SEO consultants are jumping on the Google + wagon to capture the moment that currently makes it easier for client's businesses to dominate the Google SERPs… but rest assured, it will be temporary.

Google: Search Plus Your World