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How To Make Your Website A User's Dream

By Valerie DiCarlo on Apr 17, 2012

Is your website as user friendly as it could be?

If you want to make your site a dream for online users then here on some tips on what you need to do.

If you are in the early stages of creating a website for your business then there are a few things that you should take into consideration before it goes live to the public and www. world.

Many people make the mistake of investing a lot of time and money into a shiny new website that looks great but makes the user feel like they are navigating their way through the crystal maze before they can make a purchase or sign up as a member. So what’s the solution? That’s easy, just put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Is It Straightforward?

One of the most off putting features of a website for an online consumer is being met with an essay full of information of every page that makes them feel as if they are reading a novel, not a website. You may be an expert in your field and have lots of knowledge to share but there is a time and place to share this info i.e. a blog, but your website should be direct, to the point and snappy, giving the visitor exactly the information they need and no more.

If you have more of your unique knowledge to share with the world then you could create a weekly or monthly newsletter and offer visitors to your site the chance to sign up to receive it.  Remember when it comes to the internet, often less is more as online users tend to have very short attention spans.

Is It Easy To Make A Purchase?

The last thing you want to do is make visitors to your site think too much. Just think back to web sites that you have visited, if you had to search for the checkout or contact form and couldn’t find it straight away then you probably left the site and tried a different one and visitors to your site will more than likely be the same.

You should make it as easy as possible for customers to make a transaction or to make contact with you buy featuring icons prominently on each page that make it clear to the user that they only need to click on it to get to where they want to go.

Is It Interesting?

Google is placing much more importance on high quality content within a website when it comes to ranking factors within search engines. If you want your website to perform well in terms of SEO then it is important to have high quality, original content but when creating content for your website SEO should not be your main concern, the main focus of your content should be on your customers.

Does it tell them the information that they need to make a purchase or sign up to your service? Is it clear and can it hold their interest for more than 5 seconds? If the answer to these questions is yes then you can feel confident of having pretty good content that will direct your visitors into becoming a customer which at the end of the day is the purpose of your website.


This is a Guest Blog post by Stuart Cook of Pinnacle SEO