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Expression Engine Conference Speaker

By Valerie DiCarlo

Excited, and honored, to be co-presenting with Jeremy Gimbel (@dreadfullyposh) of Conflux Group, Inc at the Expression Engine Conference in Detroit October 3-4, 2016:

Using EE for SEO

There are A LOT of misconceptions and unreliable information out on the web re: SEO. Especially the assumption that good SEO comes from content alone. Good content is not the only driver of SEO. While content is still a key driver for search optimization, there are a number of techniques which make sure that search (and social) can better understand your content and get it in front of the right people. This session will offer high level best practices for ensuring a website is optimized for search and how to manage those elements smartly in EE and why building SEO from a site's foundation is an essential component for SEO Success.